Monday, January 23, 2012

Moral code

As we enter this presidential year, we hear a lot on honor and integrity.

The candidates try and spin that they are the the candidate with the most integrity...that we can trust them. 

We hear that this country needs this type of leader...that if not our country will end in moral decay.

I think....the true test of their so called honor is playing Words with Friends with them.

I am addicted to this game and I will play it with anyone..... and I KNOW a cheater.

I, of course, just let it go and shake my head but...


Have we fallen so far in our world that we have to cheat at a phone word game?

Is it so important that you win...that you cheat?

I will let you win if you will just play fair. 

So I suggest Words with Friends is used a a moral barometer.

I guarantee Mitt and Newt cheat.


lara said...

why are we not playing? i NEVER cheat.

aubry. said...

i'm shaking my head at cheaters. you cannot score a 44 point word every time without help. you cannnnnot. not even my professional, lifetime scrabble playing grandma can do that. you don't fool me.

Ed said...

Do you really think you could beat Obama? His wordy speeches are so captivating...he would own you.

Anonymous said...

Cheaters always know that. How do you think Barry Hussain Osama was elected? His qualifications? Lolx1000000. Your time in the klink should have taught you, it's not whether or not you cheat, it's if you can get away with it.

And Jen lecturing us on a moral barometer? Seriously, could this post be more saturated with irony?

Emilie said...

Yeah. It's way too late to comment on this post, but whatever.

I have TONS of cheaters on my rotation. If you're gunna cheat at least use a believable word. Or tell me how you know the word

Play with me, dude. I promise to kick your A without cheating.