Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Challenge

It is Oscar time again.

And there are a lot of movies bestie and I need to see. 

8 to be exact....

Albert Nobbs
Iron Lady
My Week with Marilyn
Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy
The Artist
The Descendants

We have until February 26th....and we are going to do it.

This means a movie every Saturday and two Tuesday nights.

We started last week with.....

It was great. 

Made bestie cry which was...a thing. 

I mean little girl with a dying mom in the hospital....that's going to make bestie cry.

It was funny and sad and heartwarming. 

Just like me.

Then yesterday we saw.....

And it was beautiful.

Like...I have not seen every best picture contender yet but...this has my vote.

It was so so so so great.

Black and white...not a word of dialogue and still so amazing.

Just like me.

That did not make sense at all.


Anonymous said...

Poor Ed!! What more can I say...other than when I get married my wife's "bestie" had better be me. No man should have to compete for his wife's time. Poor poor Ed. But then again, maybe it's a welcome reprieve.

KSFamily said...

Seriously Anonymous? If you don't like the blog then don't read it. A person can have several besties. Just because she has a girl bestie doesn't mean that her husband isn't her best friend.
Oh and by the way, I'm pretty sure you will never get married... possessive douche bag isn't a trait that girls look for in a guy.

Anonymous said...

ew anonymous.

aubry. said...

Anon - are you single? I am too. Let's get together and be besties. Guaranteed Saturday movie dates.

{B} said...

HA! "possessive douche bag isn't a trait that girls look for in a guy" best line i've heard all week. I think Anon is jeal because they don't have friends....