Monday, January 30, 2012

All I needed......

was new TV.

But this little baby sucked me in.

I got wind of it from my Twitter friend @jaminrules (follow her).

I watched the entire first season in two days and I live for the new episodes every Sunday.

I love to adore Anna and Bates.

I love to yearn for Mary and Matthew to be together

 I love to hate Thomas and Mrs. O'Brien

And I LOVE the Dowager Countess of Grantham

You should all watch it...all of season one is live streaming on Netflix and season two is online.

You have no excuse.


communikate. said...

This show is like crack. I watched the entire thing including last nights show in a day in a half. It's awesome.

Happy Housewife said...

I love this show. Craig actually got me started watching it. He'd watched the first season during his late night PBS viewing, and told me I should watch it on Netflix before the second season started, so we could watch the second season together. I'm ready for some happy endings for someone - preferably Mr. Bates and Anna.

Melwel said...

This is my perfect show.... dramatic, historical, romantic, beautiful.... it's top notch..
I knew you would love it too

heidi and tom said...

I finished season 1 in a day and a half. My house suffered but it was sooooo worth it.

Marianne said...

perfect, since we are lost now that we've watched all 7 seasons of The Office in the last 2 months. this looks more like my cup of tea!

robin said...

I LOVE IT! downton abbey is the new crack.