Tuesday, December 27, 2011


So now that I have an offspring I can finally achieve all the things I ever wanted to through her.

That is what motherhood is about right?
enter the anonymous comments about how i am awful. 

Here is the thing...I just want one thing.

I want her to sing.

And not just sing...I mean hell I sing...

I want her to sing like Jennifer Hudson, or Mercedes on Glee.

I want her to have a soulful voice.

I have a country voice...twang and all. It is what kept me from fame and glory on American Idol.

Well not my girl, we have started early with the Dreamgirls soundtrack.

I mean she is almost a month old...we are losing precious time. How will I ever get her on the Disney Channel if I am just puttering around letting her listen to Raffi.


robin said...

i think you chose an excellent first album.

this post made me think about how i drive around boca with the windows down and j.hud blasting and all the kids heads are bobbing to the music. pretty sweet.

that was random.

BUT, excellent goal. go for it. if you believe it, you can achieve. it.

Shooting Star said...

It may be too late, I didn't see you with headphones attached to your belly for the last nine months.
This is going to take some work.
JK- if she's anything like you she will be a natural and rockin it at the age of 3 :)