Monday, December 19, 2011

Girl Baby

So remember how I asked for advice on what to take to the hospital.....

Like how I posted that on December 7th?

Yeah I hope you posted fast that day.

Because on December 7th at 4:28 PM 

Navy Loral Parker

was born.

6lbs 11oz 20 inches long

I was not planning on that day....but I hear that is just what happens sometimes.

I had a doctors appointment that day and we decided he would induce me on Monday the 12th.

As a side note....I mentioned to him that I did not feel her kick as much as I used to. He asked me a few questions and decided as a precautionary measure I should go get a stress test. So he set one up for that day and Saturday the 10th. 

Note: I had debated whether or not to tell the doctor about the movements. I did not want to seem overly paranoid. But I was prompted like 20394928374298 that day to tell him. This is the first of many times that I publicly thank my Heavenly Father for his love for me and my sweet daughter.

So off I went to Lakeview hospital for my test. I was only going to be there 20-30 minutes. I brought my Real Simple magazine. I had plans to wrap gifts and finish neighbor gifts that day. 

They hooked me up to the monitor and in 15 minutes a nurse came in and said "we have called Dr Pead..we think we are going to need to take this baby soon". 

I just stared at her. For like what felt like long minutes. Just stared. I opened my mouth and the only thing I could think of to say was "but I am in one hour parking and I have on a Social Distortion shirt". Now it was the nurses turn to stare at me as she asked "Jennifer do you understand what I said?". I blankly said yes 

I asked if she was ok...they were vague. They just kept telling me they needed to get her out ASAP.

It was 2:15. I was taken back at 3:45. In that time....

I finished my Real Simple article
I cried
I shook
I called my husband, my mom, my dad, my bestie
I signed consent form after consent form
I realized we were doing a c-section
I cried more 
I shook more
I prayed

At 3:30 my husband and his father arrived to give me a blessing. After they finished I was whisked away to the operating room for my spinal block. Ummmm I hated that. 

Once it was in it was a blur....a sheet went up...Ed came in...I threw up....I shook and cried. 

5 minutes sweet girl was out.

I cried and cried and kept asking if she was ok...she was having trouble breathing. But then I heard the beautiful sound of her screaming and I just lost it. The doctors and nurses talked among themselves and all I heard was...

"that was rough"
"cord around the neck"
"placenta causing distress"

The doctor finally spoke to me and all he said was "thank you for listening to your body and telling me about the movements....if you had waited even one more day this would have been a different story". I had nurses huddled outside...praying that she was safe. I found out later that a very similar thing had happened just that Monday in the hospital and the baby had been still born.

Note: I would again like to publicly thank my Heavenly Father. I was told over and over again in that hospital how lucky I was, how blessed she was. It is by the grace of God she is here. 

They brought her to me....and Ed was there.

It was beautiful.
She was beautiful.

They stitched and stapled me and took me back to my room.

I was alone for like five minutes.

It was quiet. 

I thought about how 6 years ago I was in the exact same hospital detoxing from drugs...and here I was now married with a beautiful healthy daughter. I was shaking all over from the block...and I just cried and cried. Grateful for everything I have been given and the blessings in my life.

And so she is here.

And I am serious she is beautiful.

Welcome to the world little one.

You are our miracle.

Note: For all of you who were sure I would be a bad mother because I do not like pink or Hello Kitty please note, I did what was most important...I listened to my Heavenly Father. 


e & a said...

she is beautiful!! this story was really neat to read! {i'm aubrys friend btw} congratulations on being a mother and accomplishing so much in 6 years!

mattie said...

she is a gorgeous baby! congratulations and i'm so glad she is here and healthy. it's amazing that with all the things that can go wrong, the majority of the time we get healthy, happy babies. it's truly a miracle.

Ruthie said...

What gorgeous eyes. I love you guys and I'm so glad you helped little Navy get here!! You rock, Jen!

HiLL said...

oh jen! i have been curious! thank you for sharing your birth story! that's unreal! i am also sooo happy you followed those promptings and noticed that she wasn't moving as much! i know too many sad stories. and i am so grateful yours has a happy ending! yes, she is beautiful! i know what you mean, i hated the block! i hated the shaking too! what an absolute joy! she is here and healthy! i'm so happy for you! i hope to see her someday soon! xox

Sharlee said...

Congratulations! She really is beautiful and that story is amazing. I also love the name. Congrats again to you and your family. Your daughter is very lucky to have you for a mom!

Carrie said...

I have tears streaming down my face right now. What a beautiful story. You and your daughter are beautiful inside and out. I'm so happy for you and your lovely little family.

Laura said...

She's beautiful, Jen! Loved her story, too. Congrats to you & your sweet family.

Marci said...

I have blog stalked you for days and days waiting for this sweet post to come. I must say...this is just a perfectly beautiful birth story. Yes, Navy is so so gorgeous. And will indeed make a fine mother to that little girl. I am so happy for you and Ed. Congratulations Jen!

Codi said...

Oh Jen what an amazing story, far too often I see the other end to this story. I am so grateful for the promptings you received and the feelings you felt to decide to tell Dr. Pead. In pregnancy we always tell moms you can't ever be too sure...if you ever ever question anything just tell can't hurt. Your gonna be such a great mom! Miss Navy is beautiful! And I absolutely LOVE her name! Congrats Jen and Ed we love you guys.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations. I'm glad she's okay and I'm sure you will be a wonderful mother. You both look beautiful.

Shannon De La Cruz said...

What a Beautiful baby girl and such a touching description of all you went blessed with a gorgeous little one, you deserve it all Jen. Our heavenly Father makes no mistakes. Congratulations! <3

aubry. said...

I knew she'd be extra pretty...

Andi said...

navy has an incredible story.
good work mom.
...she really is extra pretty.

robin said...

AMAZING! what a wonderful story. oh my gosh... just wonderful.


excuse all my yelling but i just really mean it. i need to meet her.

Kim Millard said...

I cried while reading this! Thanks for sharing all the details. I'm so happy for you and Ed. You got a keeper! And she is lucky to have the two of you.

fawn said...

Epic love story!

brooke said...

she really is beautiful....those eyes. wow.
i can't believe that story.
i am pregnant, so a tear or two was expected, but it would've made me cry even if i wasn't...
congratulations again...

Am said...

Congrats Jen and Ed. She is absolutley stunning!

Melwel said...

oh wow....thanks for making me cry. What an incredible blessing your sweet baby is. You listened and she lives....the Lord does love you...always has.
THanks for sharing! I don't like pink either, but my baby girl does.

Maggie said...

Darling, she is stunning. This post made me cry, you are so wonderful. Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl. You will be a wonderful mother, and she will grow up to be a bright, hilarious, talented girl, just like you my dear! <3

Anonymous said...

Jen, You don't know me....and Yes I stalk your pretty much every day......kinda weird when you think about it. Hemi my daughter was is Erin Fair's class at Dancing Moose..... I found your blog through her blog and fell in love with it. Your blog...well it just makes me happy.
You are an amazing woman and I am so happy for you, your husband and your beautiful little Navy. I am so greatful that I found your blog and got to read Navy's story. You have impacted my day and my life in an amazing way. So.....from the blog stalker Karen I am so happy for you!!!

raising4boys said...

wow! I didn't realize it was such a scare to get her here. So grateful you listed to the promptings.
Those dang cords around the neck.

Corrina Baker said...

it's true, she is cute, very cute!

T & O + Sophie said...

Um I cried through that whole thing! I am SO grateful that you said something when you did! I love Navy! She is so so so beautiful!

Donna said...

Geez! I bawled my eyes out and I don't even know you! I hate pink, and Hello Kitty as well. I have two girls.

Aubrey said...

i'm glad i finally got to meet you in real life so i don't feel so weird saying i totally got teary reading this post. thanks so much for sharing and for the reminder to listen to those promptings we have.

sweetpagene said...

beautiful post. congratulations! :)