Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Bestie Christmas

On Monday Bestie Miss and I had our annual Bestie Christmas.

Miss made me dinner....she made me fried chicken and mac and cheese all with just a fork, knife and a whisk. My dishes were dirty. She improvised.

We exchanged gifts. Usually we go all hundreds of dollars. This year we put a $20 dollar limit on each other (with an extra $20 for/from Navy).

Miss got me those delicious tights you see. Plus a baby book and an environmentally liberal pop up book.

It was fab. She is a great gift giver.

And for some reason...we rarely take pictures this is the only documentation of the event.

I forgot that I bought her a Dr Pepper Lip Smackers.

That will have to wait for next year.

1 comment:

aubry. said...

sorry about the blatant enviro message. navy must know that i don't recycle and throw my plastic grocery bags away.

also, we used to take self portrait shots a lot. and then you quit showering.