Tuesday, December 20, 2011


So I have almost been a mother for two weeks.

In that two weeks I have learned a lot.

I thought I would impart my wisdom...seeing how I am practically an expert now.


Things I have learned about being a mom....

My house is covered in breast milk...seriously...it gets everywhere

Getting ready for the day is a luxury....I barely shower

I cry a lot...like when I run out of chicken

Nothing EVER goes how I imagined. She wears pink, uses the paci's I despised and is being supplemented with formula. All things I said would never happen.

I cannot fit in my pre pregnancy clothes yet. I seriously thought that would happen in a week

I don't know WHY we use diapers because my baby waits until the diaper is off to do her business

My washer/dryer usage has doubled

Remember how I thought I would be bored not working....HA

I mean this is just a partial list....but the biggest thing I learned.

I love more than I have ever loved. 



Kevin said...

"Remember how I thought I would be bored not working....HA"

A little bit of just died right when I read that. I was hoping you'd get bored and come back. You made work so much easier for me :(

prcessmag said...

I love you Jen!! Welcome to motherhood...well 2 weeks ago :) You have made me cry with your two posts this week...is this going to be a regular thing? I mean, of course I will still read your blog posts, I will just remember not to have mascara on when i do it...and YES breastmilk does get EVERYWHERE haha

aubry. said...

as long as you still use gchat, motherhood is alright with me.

HiLL said...

aww! yes, motherhood. i agree with magali... i'm gettin all choked up reading your posts as of late! i am glad you're loving it. crying is normal! i still am crying and tiana is 6 months. haha just hear me on this one, the phrase babies don't keep is true. your nights and days probably seem endless right now. for me the first month is always a blur... but she'll be 6 months old and you'll wonder where the time went! soak it up. the good and bad of it! xox seriously. so happy for you.

Andi said...

being a mom is hardcore.
welcome to the position.

Nikki Nielson said...

Love this post and you! The truths about motherhood have only just begun!

T & O + Sophie said...

That quote is so true. I heard a story once of a new mother being asked "So,... now that you're not working, what do you do all day?" I just laughed. Non-mothers just don't get it. I am so happy for you!