Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Request

So from time to time I get emails from friends saying "you should blog about....". Usually I laugh and maybe include a little bit here and there but this email deserved posting.

It reads:

I have a blog pet peeve post that you MUST address.  I can no longer handle the horrible stickers that people put in their vehicle rear window to represent the number of people in their family.  The turtles, the flip flops, the horrible stick figures.  This must be stopped.  Not only are they stupid, they are just so.....STUPID.  The only funny one is one that has the header "The ASS family".  Then there are little stick figures labeled dumb, stupid, bad, smart (different types of asses).  The rest are just not ok.  You, the instigator of social reform/sarcasam via your blog, must addresses this. I appreciate it!

True that.

Hate them. Hate the Disney ones the most. 

And so Ms. C this is for you.

Although one on the back of my car with a guy on a computer, a woman behind bars, and a dog with devil horns peeing on everything would be clever.


Kim Millard said...

Amen Sista!

brooke said...

thank you. no one could have said it better.