Wednesday, May 18, 2011


In this world there are girly social icons.

I rarely like them.

Princess? No
The color pink? No
Jane Austen? No
Taylor Swift? No
The Lifetime Channel? No

But worst of all...

Hello Kitty.


No to you and any of your friends. 

I don't get it, I don't like it, I never have.

And Hello Kitty is huge! Like I wish I had all the money Hello Kitty had. She has makeup, stuffed animals, clothing, and adult toys. 



Shooting Star said...

It's so nice to hear that someone shares my dislike for Hello Kitty. I don't get it either. Maybe I missed a memo somewhere or a small part of my adolescence. I don't know.

prcessmag said...

NOT Princesses??? I'm so sad about that one :)

HiLL said...

ha. really?
my high school "bestie" and maid of honor, Laura, that lives in LA, is the assistant fashion designer for Evy that designs hello kitty clothing. hence you see jojo head to toe in hello kitty because we're proud to show off what she's designed.
so i guess you'll just have to not check out my daughters fashion cause she's got a LOT of hello kitty clothes! i never knew HK could be so strongly disliked. the power of a cat. oh the things that bother you: princesses? yup, i like them. i don't read too much into it. growing up i just loved the movies for the songs. they made me happy. jane austen, i can appreciate her stuff. i like that she wrote stories with happy endings since her life was nothing like them. pink? ya i use to hate it too but i let it go. it's too hard to keep out of a little girls wardrobe. i got tired of hearing "cute boy" while she was an infant. blue just didn't pass off as 'girl' to strangers.
thanks for another great post :D

Zak's Lady said...

I had found your blog from a friends blog list and have loved your previous posts about becoming a better woman and not letting those around you affect you. And I loved your postings that were like product reviews. I ran out and tried a lot of the things you have posted. But man your blog has become such a downer with you posting so frequently about things you HATE that other people love so much. I feel like I’m being attacked, judged, or in your opinion wrong for things that I love that you think are bad, ugly, cliché, etc. Not that you aren't entitled to your own opinion of things but wow. I will no longer be following.

aubry. said...

WOW. looks like you hit a nerve with a stranger. that's too bad.

for her.

rachel! said...

Hello, I'm a FOA (friend of Aubry) and can I just say, Preach it Sister! Seriously. Hello Kitty is the worst. The worst. Granted, i don't know anyone who designs for them nor do I have a child to drown in said friends "work" so maybe I'm biased. Wait, no that would make homegirl HiLL the biased one. Oh, and please feel free to continue SHARING YOUR OWN OPINION ON YOUR OWN BLOG.

mattie said...

Jane Austen, yes. All the others, no way. I'm so scared to have a girl baby!

Jen Rose said...

Whoa! There are some very sensitive people here. I in fact, laughed out loud. Funny stuff!

Kim Millard said...

Someday you will have a little girl who will love hello kitty...and I will laugh! ;)