Thursday, May 19, 2011

19 Things

I am opinionated but in NO WAY think I am the only person with an opinion
My mind is OPEN and appreciate hearing other point of views because I am rarely right
I like coasters
I recognize when something matters and something does not
I recognize frivolity AND appreciate it
I learned to speak my mind as an only child, as a pol sci major, as a woman, as an LDS woman, in rehab, in jail and in Buffy the Vampire Slayer forums
If my life long dream was realized I would be a country singer
I love the tilt-a-whirl at the state is like my favorite
My bestie knows how to talk me down
Today is the first day I have straightened my hair in 4 days
I would move back to AZ in a second....and I mean a second
Next year moving is all I am asking for for Christmas
I love and hate my dog all at once
I love and hate my job all at once
I would choose Chick-fil-A nuggets over almost ANY fancy restaurant
My favorite movie is All About Eve
I do not front on my blog. I am human and I let the world see
I shop at Anthropologie but rarely buy things not on sale....and have bought things from there for $10 and $20
Lately, I have had my conscious nag at me and because of such have changed die hard habits. But I will probably always swear

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Brooke said...

Not that I haven't said this previously, but this post was a good reason to say it again...I have so much respect for you and pretty much think you're the cat's pajamas.

Loved this post, loved the Hello Kitty post. And I think you're nice. And you're pretty.