Monday, May 16, 2011


Hi. How are you? It's been awhile.

2 weeks to be exact.

Needed a break...I mean not really...but kind of.

But I am back and ready to rock.

Some thoughts while I was gone......

James I had your back until you told the world that you went on American Idol to show the world they should give metal a chance. The only metal song you sang was Judas Priest. So what you are saying is you went on American Idol to sell out, sing Muse, and make a FOOl of me. Got it.

Uhhh look, RHONY.....Crazy. Ramona is CRAZY. And Alex is an ugly model.

Congrats Boston's about time.

Pansuits do not look good on anyone. I do not care how skinny you are or if they are shorts. AWFUL.

Only one week left of Oprah....I die.

Miss Spears tickets arrived.

Lady crazy

So I am back again....

Let the blogging begin.


Cami said...

Phew! I was getting worried!

prcessmag said...

Ramona...totally crazy! I hate her crazy eyes look!
Alex...yuck!! A model!? Really!? UGH!

Jen Rose said...

Yay you're back! Got my gift card from the giveaway! Thank you. So. Freaking. Much.