Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Cosby Show

So I was sick on Monday

I laid in bed all day browsing Netflix live stream.

I finally decided on The Cosby Show.

I watched 17 episodes. I was amazed at how many I remembered.

Fool I love this show.

I mean remember all the great episodes?

The anniversary episodes
When Sandra gets engaged
When Rudy starts her period
When Theo gets his ear pierced
When Denise has a friend who thinks she has an STD and it turns out to be a bladder infection

Great show.

Good times.


Kim Millard said...

The Cosby show and Home Improvement are my favorite oldies but goodies.

prcessmag said...

I love the Cosby Show!

HiLL said...

this we agree on whole heartedly! i love this show. i own a season and enjoy rewatching any episode :-D