Friday, April 23, 2010


OK so I will admit....I am (was) a Gleek.

I love (loved) this show and it's total quirkiness.

So like most (except Dave who said it is like Dawsons Creek with Music) I was totally excited for season two.

Well BUH

This show has totally fallen flat. I mean there have been a handful of funny lines and such but otherwise....blech.

I mean the Madonna episode was TERRIBLE and facilitated my first mom moment. As I watched I felt TOTALLY uncomfortable...and I WATCH SOUTH PARK.

As I sat there the mom moment rushed it. I thought "the acting is bad, the script is bad, the music is dumb and my kids will NEVER be allowed to watch this...I mean it is totally promoting teen sex". Then I sat there and thought, I just had a mom moment...damnit...wait now I am back...wooo.

The one thing that stands true is my favorite character. She is is unfailing and perfection every episode. Emma Pillsbury's wardrobe. It has always been my favorite character.

And so Glee...step it up. I am giving you two more episodes before I quit you and just look on the internet for what Emma was wearing on that weeks episode.

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