Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Enpowered Woman Unite

In my ward I carry the charge of teaching the 14 and 15 year old girls.

Because of this I have had the opportunity to re-evaluate my life.

There are things I have discovered:

I care too much about my weight
I care too much about my weight
I care too much about my weight

I know where I get this. I know where it comes from.

All  of us girl struggle in some way or another with some sort of self-confidence issue.

Because of this...who teaches the younger generation not to worry?

How can I expect my girls (because I will have all girls) to have the self confidence they need to navigate this life if I can not gain it myself?

That is why I am asking the woman who read my blog to STOP putting themselves down.

Start lifting yourself up and knowing who you are.

Unite girlfriends....and afterwards we can burn our bras.


aubry. said...

talking about weight is dumb. there are so many more redeeming factors to us than how much we weigh. i've never understood it and i've never taken up talking about it among friends.

besides, we're pretty. and funny. and like, totally awesome. and your kids will be helpless against being that way, too.

robin said...

i know you're talking to me. okay! okay! i get it!

but seriously, i really don't talk about it a lot. just a lot lately.
it's hard to gain 60 pounds and NOT talk about it.

anyway, it's a little crazy how much we women think about it. grr...

Lori said...

Sweet Jen!
Your kids - girls or boys - will be AMAZING just like you! But you're right - we, as women ALWAYS find something that's wrong with us! We must stop. I agree with Aubry. We are like, totally awesome.

Sweet J said...

Miss Robin, I promise this is to women everywhere. It is to me the most. I feel your pain.

Anonymous said...

Feh, I'm a guy and I care too much about my weight.
What about all the bulimic and anorexic men out there?
It's about time for some male empowerment, I think.

kelzone said...

i like that picture at the top.
also, when are you going to start bearing said girls?

Sarah said...

I REALLY like this post! Women need to be more comfortable with the beautiful bodies they have.

Brooke said...

I like it Jen. And I like you too.