Monday, April 19, 2010


I sang in church yesterday.

It was a small solo with the Young Women.

I got a cookie for showing up to practice.

Anyway, afterwards I had an onslaught of people ask me why I was not in the ward choir.

I smiled politely and just shrugged.

I did not tell them.

I can not stand ward choirs.

The drama
The ego's
The sitting for an hour while the tenors learn their part
The evil looks the altos give sopranos

I just can not handle it.

I also can not handle pressure.

Yesterday....I went to choir practice.

I die.


Ryan W said...

As a first tenor, I would take umbrage...but then I force myself to admit that I drag my feet on purpose when I sing in an ensemble of any sort, be it at church or the theater.

Carry on.

robin said...

ah the tenors. they have such a bad rap.

way to go! way to be in the ward choir. so, are you an alto or a soprano?

Lori said...

I'm so glad to hear the news! Your ward will be blessed to hear your beautiful voice each Sunday! You have to have a little pity on those of us who take awhile to learn our parts!! :-) Fa la la la love you!

kelzone said...

wow, i can't believe you caved! my ward choir director has purposely never asked me to be in the ward choir. good riddance.

aubry. said...

maybe you should suggest singing a song from the hillary weeks song book.

Cong Cha said...

Can't stand it? or can't stand to be shown up by women twice your age..(90)? hahaha lolx10000000