Sunday, May 2, 2010

May 1st

Ed's Birthday

He is 29 this year so everyone get ready for a party next year.

In the spirit of birthday tradition....

29 things I love about Ed Parker

1. He is super handsome
2. He unloads the dishwasher
3. He tells me I am a great cook
4. He is smart
5. He is super funny
6. He spoils me
7. He has a strong testimony
8. He holds my purse when I am shopping
9. He stays in the room while I get ready on Saturdays, even though he is already ready
10. He gives me opions on decorating
11. He does not mind girls days
12. He loves dogs
13. He loves kids
14. He loves my family
15. He laughs when I throw a fit
16. He is not afraid to tell me no
17. He is loyal
18. He has picked up a word from Jared and whenever he says it, it makes me laugh
19. He is always willing to help
20. He respects me
21. He takes me to the temple
22. Family is important to him
23. We never fight over music
24. He voted for Obama and now wants to punch him (secret is out Ed)
25. He watches Oprah with me...sometimes
26. He loves video games as much as me
27. He loves football as much as me....just the wrong team
28. He makes really great nachos
29. He loves me

I could go on and on. He really is the greatest.

I love you Ed. Happy Birthday!!!


Lori said...

Happy Birthday Ed. We'll bake you a cake when you come!!

Catherine Lacy said...

Ah ed! i love you! im sorry i didnt tell you i was coming i wanted you to be surprised! Happy birthday!!

Shane and Jessica Hamblin said...

Happy birthday to Ed! looks like 28 was a great year for him! He is so lucky to have YOU! I miss you.

Cong Cha said...

Ed!! What the F! You voted for Obama because of a girl?!? Hand in your man card! (If it makes you feel better, I think everyone that voted for Barry is punching themselves.....hopefully in the nuts....or boobs for the ladies (that hurts more)...Jen... )