Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My Thanksgiving Post

It is funny how one single night can change everything. I had a seriously long Thanksgiving post. I mean it was long. But in just 12 hours.....so much has changed. I have realized that there are so many things that are so not constant in my life. But there are two that are.....

My Family - Woo what a year guys right? I mean last year I called you collect. Seriously, I am so grateful for my family. My mother is such an example to me. She is exactly how a lady should be and she tried so hard to teach me that. She has loved me without out fail or condition my entire life. Her love for the gospel has helped me cultivate MY love for the gospel. She is my hero. My father is who I have acquired most of my great personality traits. He is funny and caring and loves the gospel. I have never known him to turn people away when it comes to service and he fiercely loves and protects his family. I have put he and my mother through a lot....and they still love me. He is a Broncos fan...but I still love him and am so grateful for the relationship we have. My Step-Mother, Lori, is so great. She is creative and thoughtful and accepted me with all my faults...and when they got married, I had many. I have great step-siblings that I love and I am enjoying getting to know them better each day. Seriously...it sucks when the siblings you inherit are WAY better looking than you are...don't believe me? Go check out the picture wall in my dad's house...all totally cute and then Jen's Super Sweet Sixteen. Bangs and all. I am cultivating and renewing friendships with cousins that I love and aunts and uncles I adore. I have grandparents who love me (some of whom even come to see me in shackles) and support me and still think I walk on water even though I have dang near drowned. I love you all!!! Plus my kids...they may be dogs...but I am thankful for that little white one every day for giving me the courage to leave.

My Savior and The gospel - I know what I feel. I know my testimony. And that, is enough.

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simplysarah said...

Thanks for reminding me that Thanksgiving is about being thankful.