Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I've been hit.....

I have been tagged to post the fourth picture in my fourth picture file on my computer and give a narrative on it sooooo.......
This is Miss Aubry and I on the Fourth of July at the Provo Parade. It was such a great day. Seriously, best
Fourth of July EVER!!!!!!
Now I tag BFF, Auby, Brookie, and Heather


simplysarah said...

I was going to respond to this tag, I really was.

But the first fourth pic in the fourth file was my cousin's husband, and I thought that was weird.

And the second fourth pic in my fourth file (after I arranged the files by name instead of date modified) was pasta of the day, which I've already posted.

And by the time I rearranged the files to have a third option...I'd already talked myself out of doing it. I hope you're not too disappointed in me.

aubry. said...

Ummm... Our little secret. I posted like the 12th picture in the 8th folder. It was more exciting than whatever 4th in 4th was. I've got all my taggees worked up about how this all works. MAKE IT UP, PEOPLE.