Saturday, November 15, 2008


Sometimes this date just creeps up on me. Most months it passes right by. Today it didn't. As I sat here at work on a Saturday waiting and waiting and waiting....I started getting a bit irritated. And then, now bear with me this will be a little sappy, I looked out my window and I have a perfect view of the Bountiful temple. I thought about this time last year when I had a perfect view of concrete. There have been days this past year when all that got me through was the thought of entering that temple again. And I am almost there. It's so close. And you know, that is really all that matters to me. Sure, work sucks sometimes and lets face it, sometimes it is hard not getting the one thing you want more than anything, but life is awesome.

I have really great friends. I have a REALLY great family. I am feeling more comfortable in my skin everyday. I am so grateful. So very grateful. I am grateful for these experiences. They have made me a better person. A stronger person.

16 months


Shane and Jessica Hamblin said...

I know I know! I need to be better but i just am to lazy. I will be better : ) but only for you.
You're coming for thanksgiving right? I cant wait to see you!

Love ya..

P.s. remember when we were driving back to B-mans house after him and my mom got hitched and i said.......holy crap Barry is never going home again, he lives with us! I thought it would make you upset but you just laughed. Thats when i knew we would get along just fine. Good times.

simplysarah said...

I think you forgot the caps in really from the line "really great friends." But I still know what you mean.


So proud of you BFF!