Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Miss Navy.

Four months
15 pounds (8 of it in her cheeks)
Laughs and giggles
Rolls over
Has more clothes than she should
Will start solid foods in two weeks
Getting ready for her first road trip
Loves looking at herself in the mirror
Has a kickin bald spot
Will have full on conversations in her crib with her cow and bear
Her favorite song is (sittin on) The Dock of the Bay
We are starting to see a little Parker in her
Still sweet


Tiffany said...

I got my CD's in the mail! What a fun surprise, thank you thank you thank you. And the pic of Navy on your post is adorable as usual.

robin said...

i am really late commenting about the cds, but thank you so much! i do wish i knew what all the songs are...

well, except for the ones i don't like.

and navy is really too much to handle. her smile is KILLER!

hailey said...

jen - i just read your comment on my post and thought that this was probably the best way to respond, first off - your baby girl is the sweetest! and secondly - thank you SO SO much for the kind words you shared with me. i am actually going to be a counselor this summer at "time out for girls" and i hope that i can somehow stress the importance of self-worth to my group. you have definitely encouraged me to try! i found your blog through aubry's (who's blog i found through ali snarr, who was my friend when i was 6 years old!...such a crazy world) and i love what i see here! YOU yourself are such an inspiration.

love, your new blog friend :)