Monday, February 2, 2009

Toe 2 Toe

Trees, gum, and Brownie...must be a night at Sundance!


simplysarah said...

Is it just me, or was David getting a little fresh with Kelli? ;)

David said...

1. funny sarah
2. Sorry about the movie Kelli, JD, ED
3. Obama? what happened to the skiers pic? tips up?
4. JD, how come you couldn't get the Limo in my picture?
5. Steve freaking Brown is all I can say
6. Did I apologize for the movie?

simplysarah said...

PS I think David owes me an apology for not inviting ME and MY date along as well...especially since I invited him and his date to Moab...but I guess then he would have had to apologize to two more people for the movie, twice, which in the end negates the first apology.

You are lucky that thanks to double negatives you got off scott free this time David.

asherjay said...

At long last, a new post! huzzah!