Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Show Me The Way

Umm..Styx in Wendover is the greatest thing ever!!!!!
Like 100% better than Coldplay.

Two best things that happened that night....

#1 - Ed Parker convincing me for like 10 seconds that he loves coming to the Wendover buffets because of their amazing shrimp

#2 - When Styx started playing "Lady" some drunk guy in the back yelled "I've had sex to this song"....it was awesome

Plus there is a chance that sometime during that night I slow danced to Nickleback

That is all


David said...

You be sure to let me know when Coldplay plays here:


I doubt they ever will. Too busy winning Grammy's.

Was it harder for someone to convince you that the shrimp in wendover was good or harder to convince you that you needed to wear a dress to maddox steak house?

Brooke said...

LOL! That Maddox Steakhouse outfite was the greatest thing ever!! HILARIOUS! The look on your face when you walked out to the car!

Oh and I'm glad you had such a good time at Styx. :)

Ryan W said...

Something fishy going on here and I'm not talking about Ed knowing all the words to 'Mr. Roboto'...I have been to 'dover with Ed on numerous occasions and I never slow danced with him to Nickelback...

I feel cheated.