Thursday, February 9, 2012

Music Swap

In December Bestie Miss did a cookie swap.

It gave me an idea that I decided to do after baby was born. was born.

So here is it. 

A music swap.

Listen, it is no secret I am a music snob, but recently I started liking a song that is WAY out of my genre. So I got to thinking...what else is out there.

So here is the deal.....

Send me your favorite song(s) or your favorite song(s) right now.
I will compile all the songs
I will send you a CD with all the songs.

That simple. I PROMISE I will make no judgments. No ones songs will be labeled...It will come to you in plain ole mix tape fashion.

But then we can all be exposed to new music.

So email me at:

  sweetjdp at gmail dot com

Send me your song(s) and your address.

You have until February 20th.

And spread the word on your blogs and social networks...the more the merrier.

Maybe Miss will make me a button. 


aubry. said...

you little softie, you.
i'm going to make sure there's so much ingrid michaelson and regina spektor on this cd, you'll ask me to pull over and puke for realllllz.

~Wyatt~Brittney~Brecken~Oliver~ said...

My submission is in...I will admit I'm slighty scared of your silent judgement, while having perma-grin and giggling everytime I think of you listening to my song choices....

Kim Millard said...

FUN! I'm in! Don't you judge me!

Emilie said...

But which Celine Dion song to choose......hmmm.....

"Sweet Child o' Mine" by Taken by Trees

And, you don't really know me so - judge away sucka!

prcessmag said...

I just sent you an can laugh away at my throwback choice, 7th grade was AWESOME! haha