Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Dressing Room

The dressing room at Anthropologie.

It's like a girl haven.

Miss and I always take our things in together and we try on what we grabbed and then we try on what the other grabbed.

There have been some great times.
There have been some sad times.
There have been hilarious times.

For instance there was the time that a zipper broke on a skirt so I had to pull it over my head resulting in pain and laughter.

Or when I MADE miss try on designer jeans for the first time
(you're welcome)

Or when I find the perfect button down and my boobs will not fit in it and Miss gives me the look of "I told you your boobs would not fit"

I just said boobs on my blog

I just said it again.

Dressing room at Anthro.



robin said...

it is magical. you're right. and lately i am in there all by myself (yes, i'm going for sympathy here) and i'm texting aubry or brooke the whole time i'm in there pretending i had a friend...

sniff sniff.

but yes, there is nothing like anthropologie.

Cong Cha said...

hahahahahahahah lolx100000000000