Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I was at Target the other day and saw this gem

Peaches and Cream Barbie

I LOVED this Barbie!

I mean her dress was the prettiest.

It was $40.....

I mean she is not that great.


RONNIE said...

OH MY GOSH!!!!!! This was my favorite barbie. I played with her every day!! I still have this barbie..and the dress...with one torn strap! Oh, this is just awesome!!
PS...did you have heart to heart barbie..I always wanted her but never got her.

Sarah said...

I remember when Barbie’s were $20 for the fanciest one. $40 is just plain ridiculous.

robin said...

i had that same barbie. i was OBSESSED. i even had a nightgown that was the same color as her dress and i would pretend i was her...

i saw her at target the other day and i about had a cow. it brought back all those memories. that peach dress... sigh.