Tuesday, August 24, 2010


So over the 24th of July we went to my cousin Heidi's house.

That night we watched Zombieland.....on my recommendation.

After the movie was over I turned to my cousin and said....

"So did you love it?"

She replied

"Sometimes you are such a boy"

It's true.

My tastes lean more to the masculine.

Music - Metal
Movies - Action (chick flicks make me vomit)
Football - LOVE
Language - Sailor
Brutal Honesty - Got it
The Color Pink - Hate It
Concert T-Shirts - Staple
Video Games - Gamer
Childhood - Star Wars and Star Trek Conventions

Should I be concerned?


Nikki Nielson said...

I love Zombieland too! Aj had to begg me to watch it because I hate scary movies but he knew I would love it since it isn't scary just super funny. I don't think you need to be concerned your great sense of fasion shows your true girly side :)

kelzone said...

when you start having children, if you have a girl, i will be sure to buy her lots of pink. and lots of barbies. and introduce her to disney pop music (actually i would never really do that. that would be a sin). but i will make sure she owns all the disney princess movies.

robin said...

no, don't be concerned. but good thing we're not seen together too often (ever) because i have lesbian hair and people might think...