Monday, June 22, 2009

Da na na na Da na na na *ch ch*

90210.....I was a huge fan of this show. So much so that I refuse to watch the new one because it will never be as good as the original. I had the biggest crush on Steve. I wanted to be Donna Martin. I hated Ray when he hit Donna. I hated Brenda. I was all about Kelly. I hurt when Kelly was raped, addicted to drugs, broke up with, attacked, took care of her drunk mom, I mean honestly...what has that girl NOT been through.

So as I watched Tori and Dean tonight I thought...."man that was a great show". So I ask...what was your favorite 90210 moment? Was it when Donna was sitting on a bed in white lingerie with candles all around her waiting for David after college graduation? Because that was not mine.

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robin said...

i was very relieved to hear that you also watch tori and dean. i was admitting to her that i watch it and she said, "that is totally acceptable. jen watches it too."