Wednesday, December 3, 2008

What do you see?

A drug addict

A felon

A liar

Someone overweight

Someone vain

A Democrat

A Chargers fan

A blond

A brunette

A music snob

A crier

Someone funny

Someone sassy

Someone caring

Someone selfish

A divorcee

A victim

A failure

A success

A possibility

Someone tainted

Someone damaged

Someone redeemed

A daughter

A friend

I am like a magic picture,take three steps back, stare real hard and squint your eyes. What do you see?


simplysarah said...

Someone who thinks and feels things much more deeply than she sometimes lets on.

aubry. said...

you forgot "a sassy pants" from that list...

i bet you didn't read the comment from my friend robin in my christmas gift post, but she said she wishes she knew you cuz you seem "rad"... and is jealous that you got to shop with me and not her. she's got mad shopping skills too. she lives in n.y. so... roadtrip?

Brooke said...

I see my friend Jen. And I like her.

Lori said...

Hey you cute girl! What happened to favorite Friday? I love those! Miss you and SO GLAD you're coming back in January! Love ya.