Thursday, December 18, 2008

Favorite Friday - Ms. Spears

This my friends has been a HUGE week for me. SO many exciting events and such. I had so many things that I could put for my favorite. But after searching deep in my soul I realized what it needed to be.

Most know that I am a music snob. I love music. It is super important to me. So of course I have a list of favorite songs, bands ,and solo artists. Today my friends I bumped Mindy Smith off the solo artist list for none other than Miss Britney Spears. Look yo, I am done frontin'. I love her. Always have. Seen her in concert.....a lot. Have every album INCLUDING exports. I know the dance moves from her videos and know every lyric.

And so...Favorite Friday this week is dedicated to Britney....Ms. Spears if you're nasty.

1 comment:

aubry. said...

word. word. word.

116 days until britney spears comes to slc... and you and i are going to rock it.